The Weekend Read for January 16th - Guitar Articles and More

With all the news from NAMM 2010 this should be a good "Weekend Read". Although I didn't personally make out to Anaheim this year there are a number of good bloggers that did. There are many articles about what is going on out there and some good stories too.

I did write and post the usual articles that go into The Rock House Blog every week. I'm afraid with all the press releases they may have gotten lost. If you're looking for a good guitar lesson from us this week I posted one from Jimmy Rutkowsli titled "Finger Building Exercises" and a player tip on "Getting a Grip on Your Guitar Pick."

You can type a search for NAMM 2010 into our blog search box at the top of the page to see the latest press releases from many of the guitar manufacturers at this years show.

Now....on with the "Weekend Read"

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - Sometimes I get asked about how to practice scales and exercises. In fact, one of my guitar students asked me yesterday about finger exercises and whether they are worth doing...Scale Practice Tip

Freekbass' Blog - JamHubs were created to give musicians the freedom to jam all they want, wherever they want. When you’re jamming, it’s virtually silent...JamHub - the silent rehearsal studio

Fretbase - You can plug into Guitar Hero and bust out perfect version of “Stranglehold” and then plug into your computer, play that same song for real, and be brought back to reality...A Real Guitar and a Guitar Hero Controller in One

Guitar Lifestyle - Seattle-based guitar instructor and founder of Heartwood Guitar Instruction Rob Hampton has recently written a book titled Rob’s Totally Awesome Guitar Teaching Handbook. In the book, Hampton provides hard-earned insights into setting up and running a successful guitar teaching business...Guitar Teaching Handbook

Guitar Noize - Shows off a ton of new stuff from NAMM 2010...LINK

I Heart Guitar - I Heart Guitars very own Peter Hodges is at NAMM 2010, he has some real good personal reviews of products and some unique articles about what's going on in Anaheim....LINK

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - Guitarist Joshua Breakstone presents a collection of well-written jazz etudes over standard progressions...Review of Jazz Etudes by Joshua Breakstone

Jemsite - How does a professional basketball cheerleader become head of one of the most popular Science blogs out there on the Web today? And how exactly does music fit into all of this? Ask Darlene Cavalier...Let's Hear It For Music!

Muzicosphere - NAMM 2010 News...LINK

Not Playing Guitar - You might wonder why you should bother learning to transcribe, after all there's a lot of tab out there in songbooks, tutorials and on the Internet. In my experience though there are always pieces I'd love to play that don't seem to have been tabbed, and the only way to learn to play those is to transcribe them (or find someone who will transcribe them for you)...Make Transcribing Guitar Music Possible

Share My Guitar - Some good guitar lessons posted and NAMM 2010 coverage...LINK

Strat-O-Blogster - I doubt that Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters or Taj Mahal were picturing someone like this in the classic Blues, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, but who really knows for sure...Hot Guitar Decals & Stickers from Hot Chick Stickers 

Tone Freq - Pedals and effects for chasing that tone from NAMM 2010....LINK

The Punch-In - It's a shocker that Gibson does not have a booth at NAMM for the first time anyone can remember...Goodbye Gibson?

Truth in Shreading - Loys  of NAMM 2010 coverage...LINK

Have a rockin' weekend \m/

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