Rock House Method Donates to the Haitian Relief Fund - Urges Everyone to Help With Aid

On the Official Rock House Method web site today, Executive Director Joe Palombo wrote that Rock House is donating $100.00 to the American Red Cross. "We would like to reach out to all our friends in the Rock House community and ask that you dig deep to do what you can. I know our economy here has been put through the ringer and things might not be going to well in your world either, but I can't imagine that it can compare to what the people of Haiti are going through right now.  If you can, try to do the right thing and give what you can $2, $5, $10, $20, $ 50, every one has a few extra bucks... Hey have one less beer this month or make your lunch instead of buying it just one day.  Check out a list of reputable  organizations that will make sure your hard earned donation  money gets to place.

Click here for a short list.

Thanks Joe P. for the great list links and helpful tips for donating safely.

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