2009 In Review - Top 10 Tips, Advice and Reviews For Guitarist

This week I've been looking back at the year 2009 and some of the best articles that were published through the year on The Rock House Blog. Today, I've compiled a list of the top 10 articles that were about playing tips and advice as well as a couple of reviews that the readers seemed to like a lot.

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#10 Guitar Player Tip of The Week - Practice Routine Thoughts and Ideas -You can find all kinds of ways to set up a practice routine for playing guitar. All you have to do is google "guitar practice routines" and you can literally look at them until the cows come home. But I've found most guitarist seem to have the same basic idea when it comes to practice routines.

#9 How To Adjust Your Guitar's Truss Rod - The truss rod is a simple device that has one purpose: to counter the pull of the strings. That's it. It isn't meant to adjust the height of your strings; you can't set your intonation with it; and with a little foresight, you aren't going to render your guitar useless by attempting to adjust it.

#8 11 Guitar Woods You Should Know - While we were talking about guitars we started talking about the different kinds of wood that can be used to make a guitar. The funny thing is that although we pretty much knew what kind of wood our guitars were made of, we really didn't know why we picked that wood for our guitar.

#7 Are You an Intermediate Guitar Player Yet? - Let’s see if you have what it takes to be called an “Intermediate Level Guitarist.”  I put the following list together to help you assess where you are as a guitarist.

#6 Gear Reviews: The Marshall JVM 205H, 210H, 410H, and Combos - Today I have a guest writer to The Rock House Blog. They own a Marshall JVM series amp and did a review on what they have experienced with their amp.

#5 Guitar Frets- Does Size Matter? - Fret size has a great deal to do with the action of your guitar. Low frets put your fingertips right on the fingerboard with little room to squeeze the strings out of tune or to get under them for bending.

#4 Fingerboard Radius Part 1 - Have you ever wondered why you play faster on certain guitars than others? Or why on some guitars you can bend easier? Or that some scales you mess up on all the time, seem easier on another guitar? If you have run across this; you are not alone, and there is a very simple answer. Fingerboard Radius.

#3 EMG X Series Pick-ups Review - This month I have the great pleasure of reviewing the new X Series pick-ups by EMG.

#2 Bugera 6262 Amp Review - Terry recently got his hands on a Bugera 6262 amp head and put it to the test. The following is his on hands review of the Bugera 6262.

#1 20 Songs Every Beginner Guitarist Should Know - As a teacher one the most asked questions from I received from beginner students was “What are some easy songs that I can learn to play that won’t be over my abilities?”

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