Guitar Lesson - Modal Patterns For Lead Guitar

In this lesson I am going to teach you a simple way to build modal lead patterns across the neck.

The first step to learning my system of linear modal lead patterns is to realize that there are seven different two string seven note patterns. So let us begin by getting these patterns under our fingers.

Pattern 1 Ionian

 Pattern 2 Dorian

 Pattern 3 Phrygian

 Pattern 4 Lydian

 Pattern 5 Mixolydian

 Pattern 6 Aeolian

 Pattern 7 Locrian

The next step is to learn two simple octave patterns. The first one begins on the sixth string:

The second octave pattern begins on the fifth string:

Notice that I did not place any specific frets for either of the octave patterns because they are moveable anywhere on the neck. You want to memorize these two octave pattern shapes. Doing so will help you visualize the fretboard and make the basic connecting of the modal patterns easy.

Now we will take the first seven note two string pattern and combine it with the first octave shape. What has to be done here is this, play the seven note grouping starting from each of the three notes in the octave shape diagram. The repeating pattern will look like this on the neck:

Here is the first pattern across the neck again, notice I differentiated each octave by using an alternation of white and black dots. I used black dots in the first octave, white dots in the second octave, and again, black dots for the third octave pattern repeat.

Pattern 8 Ionian

Pattern 9 Dorian

Pattern 10 Phrygian

Pattern 11 Lydian

 Pattern 12 Mixolydian

Pattern 13 Aeolian

Pattern 14 Locrian

The Downloadable Audio Track Listing

If you need help with examples and feel the to have something you can listen to, you can download the practice tracks for $3.99 at Guitar Lesson-Modal Lead Patterns

The Practice lessons include:

1. Introduction
2. Guitar Tuning Notes
3. Example 1
4. Example 2
5. Example 3
6. Example 4
7. Example 5
8. Example 6
9. Example 7
10. Example 8
11. Example 9
12. Example 10
13. Example 11
14. Example 12
15. Example 13
16. Example 14

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