Learning To Play Guitar and Avoiding Burn Out

For players from beginner to advanced staying motivated to practice can be your biggest stumbling block. Every one wants that "magic pill" and poof I'm Slash or Satriani. Putting in the time can be challenging. Trust me, every guitar hero you have has put the time in, there is just no way around it. There are going to be days when you can't wait to learn that new chord. There are also going to be days you just do not feel like learning the guitar. You are not alone musicians of all skill levels and all instrument catagoires feel this way sometimes too. However, YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING IF YOU WANT TO GET BETTER! Keep telling yourself this.

We have put some tips together for you to help recognize when you and why you might be slipping away. You might want to print these out and put them up where you practice.

Reason Beginners Give-Up: At one time or another we have all expirenced the days where the last thing we want to do is pick up the guitar and practice. One pitfall of beginners is that they tend to focus on the negative aspects of their guitar playing skill level. Instead of "beating yourself up" remember that all professional guitarists started off just like you. LEARNING THE GUITAR or any instrument for that matter takes time, patience and practice.

As a beginner, do not try to learn to play guitar too quickly or to spend hours on end playing. Why? In trying to learn guitar too quickly you risk increased muscle tension which can actually reduce your guitar playing ability and lead to performing the lessons sloppy or incorrectly . Slow and steady is the best way to success.

Learn to Practice At Your Pace: In learning to play guitar, you'll discover that some days your motivated to play for hours on end, other times, you only want to practice for a few minutes. This is normal and if it's one of your ‘off days’ allow yourself to enjoy a break from a long practice sesssion without feeling guilty, It's OK!

Look to Others for Inspiration: One of the best motivators in trying to achieve any goal, like learning an instrument, is to look to other people for help and assistance. The Rock House Method Community offers you a great opportunity to do this and you should take advantage of it. Chances are, you will find another guitar player who has had the same problems you are facing who can give you great advice. Learning how other people achieved their guitar playing success, and the pitfalls they incountered along the way, and how to avoid them, will help tremendously to inspire and motivate you.

Remember When You First Got the Guitar: Many people, especially those new to learning guitar give-up is because they loose the JOY of learning to play guitar. Many beginners are excited about their new hobby, and this excitement causes many people to rush into trying to play their first song as quickly as possible. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE PIT FALLS you must avoid. You must FIRST take the time to learn proper basics. If you don't the results can be increased playing difficulties and frustration. Frustration is the ENEMY that eventually leads many beginners to give-up on their dreams of playing the guitar! Try to remember that feeling you had when you first got the instrument!

Avoiding burnout is critical to learning to play guitar at a consistent pace, allow yourself breaks from playing guitar as needed, and keep yourself motivated by seeking out other guitarists for help and inspiration and remember that feeling when you first got it.


Unknown said...

...thank you for this bit of information. I had a bummer of a night last night and was ready to sell all the equipment I have. Then I remembered to just walk away and continue the next day. But reading articles like this, makes me want to learn the guitar that much more. Yes, I want that 'magic pill' but years of practice is the only cure. And sadly it's taken me a long time to understand that.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about this article is the fact is tells the reader EVERYONE who plays is either going through what they are going through or has gone through it at one time or another. It's OK to have a bad day once in a while. The key is to follow these suggestions and keep your eye on the prize at the end.

Anton said...

Great post, i agree. As someone who has been playing for a while what has worked for me is changed styles whenever i get bored. Not to necessarily change totally what i am doing, but learn some new songs in a different style, working on new technique, change my warm up routine. For example, i am usually a fingerpicker, but have been working on my flatpicking in the bluegrass and gypsy style, just to do something different.

Angele Martin said...

Hey thanks for this inspirational post and I think every beginner should read this..as many time we see that people get burn out of guitar playing and feeling boring..and ultimately they give up..so thanks for posting and keep it up.