Guitar Lesson - Make Your Blues Guitar Scales Gritty

Put some grit into your guitar scales but don't let the name fool you it's actually the natural minor scale. If you mess it around with it a bit though you can come up with some cool tones.

The example below is in the key of A, but by sliding it up or down the neck, you can play it in any key you want to - 5th fret for key of A, 10th fret for key of D, 12th fret for key of E, and so on.

Now if you were to use this scale, like any other scale, and make up your own riffs. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by using something called NOTE TARGETING, which simply means you keep returning to your key note, in this case it would be the A note. 

Below is an example of note targeting;

Have fun messing around with this cool little scale and put some grit into your blues scales.

Thanks go to Third-Eye at the Rock House Forums for putting this together.


Angele Martin said...

In learning a guitar, you must also learn the scales to enable you to play different chords. Identifying scales can be confusing and learning them can be difficult if you try to do it too quickly. This is why my advice to you is to take this process slowly and understand each scale well before moving on to the next. Knowing the basic scales is the key to understanding the more complex ones.

Learn Blues Guitar said...

Yep, learning scales is important. And associating scales to chords is then the next step.