5 Most Popular Rock House Blog Articles for April 2009

Another month has passed us by, no doubt it's hard for some of our readers to get here every day. No worries though. I've kept track of the 5 most popular articles on the Rock House Blog for April of 2009.

1. Introducing the Valvetronix series ToneLab ST; bringing true-tube pro-level sound to everyone. Vox ToneLab ST

2. In this lesson I am going to teach you five minor pentatonic scale lead patterns then we will put them into a three note sequence. Multi Position Pentatonic Lead Patterns - Guitar Lesson

3. Fret size is another piece in the puzzle, when you think about fretboard radius, and neck shape, what kind or size the frets are will dramatically alter the feel of the prior two. Guitar Frets- Does Size Matter?

4. This month I have the great pleasure of reviewing the new X Series pick-ups by EMG. EMG X Series Pick-ups Review by Tony Pasko

5. Rock House Instructor Rusty Cooley is one of those rare musicians that has the ability to relate to musicians on all levels. Conversations With Rusty Cooley - A RHB Exclusive Interview

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