Lick of the Week From Rob Balducci

Rock House Artist/Instructor Rob Baldlducci has put together an improvised lick of the week. Watch closely and check out the incredible whammy technique as the video goes on. He also shares a little bit about how he creates his signature tone.

The guitar that Rob is using in the video is an Ibanez Violet Horizon RG with an ash body and a maple neck, he has a Wilkinson tremolo bar along with Schaller locking tuners. The shredder runs it all into a Xotic bb pre-amp and then right into the Cornford MK 5011 head and into a Cornford 4 x 12 cab with vintage 30's in it. An effects loop also comes into play, the new Maxon Ad999 pro delay.

Rob says the delay is so warm sounding and it lets you get analog delay at up to 900 mil sec and still retain that warm tone. “It is by far the best delay I have played”, said Balducci, and he is definitely into delay.

You can check Rob out on his MySpace @ http://www.myspace.com/robbalducci
or @ http://www.robbalducci.com/ and of course his instructor profile @ Rock House http://www.rockhousemethod.com/artists/Artist.aspx?aid=10

Enjoy the Lick of the week. I know I did.

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