Children of Bodom Warn of Impostor My Space Sites

There are a few my space sites that perpetrate that they belong to the members of Children of Bodom.

According to the latest blog entry by C.O.B bassist Henkka Blacksmith on their my space site. “We've seen that there's again a bunch of fake my space accounts pretending to be ours, personal ones. So for your information, the only my space that is actually ours is the myspace.com/childrenofbodom None of COB members has my space accounts, even though the fake ones might be very convincing. We'll work on it so we'll get them erased. So people won't be fooled no more.”

I've seen them myself. I checked out Alexi Laiho when he joined forces with Rock House. There was just something about the my space site that claimed to be Alexi that told me there was no way it was him. Maybe it was the lack of a professional looking my space site that tipped me off. Maybe it was just my good old gut instinct. What ever the reason I was glad to read that The C.O.B are going to try and do something about it.

It doesn't surprise me that this happens. Ego seeking wannabes quite often infiltrate the web with hundreds if not thousands of pages depicting themselves as someone their not. Some probably try and make a buck or two off it while other lavish in the joy of being someone their not. I personally don't think there's any reason, or any room for that matter for someone to try and rip off the identities of others. Even if no harm is intended.

So this is just a heads up to all the Alexi Laiho, Henkka Blacksmith, Roope Latvala, Jaska Raatikainen and Janne Warman fans. These guys do not have personal my space sites. If you have one of the impostor sites in your friends list I encourage you to delete it immediately as sign of respect for the members of Children of Bodom.
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