All-New Ibanez Troubadour Acoustic Guitar Amps


Ibanez is retiring its original, and very popular, series of Troubadour dedicated acoustic guitar amps. But not to worry. The new second generation of Troubadour amps, the T Series, features even higher fidelity than the originals, natural acoustic tones, and lighter weight and smaller size for easy transport. And by player demand, the 35 watt and 20 watt models feature an XLR microphone input with separate tone control—perfect for contemporary human troubadours who need an easily portable all-in-one performance system.

The T35 flagship TA model features 35 watts of power, a 10” custom- made coaxial speaker, 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange, switchable chorus, reverb with level control, stereo outs for plugging into PA’s and weighs less than 25 lbs. The list price of the T35 is $373.32 All three models—35w, 20w, and 10w—feature tilt bars for increased stage audibility.

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