What's Your Blues Name

This is from one of my favorite posts in The Rock House Forums. Rock House Member Guitar Man came up with a formula that will give you a cool blues name. Our regulars in the forums have enjoyed this post, to the tune of over 1400 views. I hope the blog readers enjoy it as much.

What is your blues name?

From the first list, take the name against the initial of your first name. From the second list, do the same with your middle name, or surname if you don't have a middle name. From the third, your surname.

1st Name: A=Lame; B=Muddy ; C=Crippled; D=Old; E=Texas; F=Hollerin'; G=Brown; H=Ugly; I=Happy; J=Big; K=Curly; L=Pretty; M=Jailhouse; N=Peg Leg; O=Red; P=Sleepy; Q=Bald; R=Skinny; S=Blind; T=Boney; U=Yella; V=Toothless; W=Screamin'; X=Fat Boy; Y=Washboard; Z=Steel-Eye

Middle Name: A=Bones; B=Money; C=Harp; D=Legs; E=Eyes; F=Lemon; G=Killer; H=Hips; I=Lips;J=Fingers; K=Boy; L=Liver; M=Gumbo; N=Foot; O=Mama; P=Back; Q=Duke; R=Dog;S=Bad Boy; T=Baby; U=Chicken; V=Pickles; W=Sugar; X=Lime; Y=Tooth; Z=Smoke

Last Name: A=Jackson; B=McGee; C=Hopkins; D=Dupree; E=Green; F=Brown; G=Jones; H=Rivers; I=Malone; J=Washington; K=Smith; L=Parker; M=Lee; N=Thompkins; O=King; P=Bradley; Q=Hawkins; R=Jefferson; S=Blue; T=Franklin; U=White; V=Jenkins; W=Bailey; X=Johnson; Y=Davis; Z=Tubbs

By the way, my blues name is: Crippled Liver Lee.....lol.....how cool is that :-)


The Old Man said...

Brown Dog Jenkins...

I love it already.

sarge1875 said...

Some people have all the luck.