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It's not often you find someone who is will to put themselves out there in front of the world and tell you from a personal perspective their trials and tribulations of learning the guitar from scratch. I have and will find interesting the blog Rose Garden Music http://rosegardenmusic.blogspot.com/ The blog witten by "The Old Man" and will be the story of a 40 something married man with five daughters, that is picking up and learning the guitar for the first time. There are only 2 posts so far but The Old Man just started this blog a couple days ago. The first post is about him and his decision to to play the guitar. The second was deciding what guitar and learning system (The Rock House Method) it is that he will use.

I will be keeping track of The Old Mans progress and as a 40 plus guitar player myself will be rooting for him. Stop by his blog and show The Old Man some love.


The Old Man said...


I subscribe to this blog by email, and low and behold to find myself here! LOL

Thanx 4 the mention. I do have a third post up, and one ready for tomorrow. The guitar arrived today, as well as the RHM DVD's, and my wife actually got "overly-excited" watching them with me, thinking about me getting back into music. (I have RHM to give a big thank you to 2nite, after the kids go to bed!) I am a John Mc Carthy fan 4 life just for tonight alone! LOL

Beware tho, I look like hell. (Squeezing 30 years worth of time into 1980-1989 caught up with me.)

I will indeed be spending much time here, as well as the RHM website. From the looks of the overall lesson plan, I will be taking this one chord at a time! :-)

Thanx again Sarge...

sarge1875 said...

That's the right idea....it's a journy not a race.