A Message From Joe P. About The Rock House Metal Guitar Series

In the Rock House Forums today, Rock House Co-Owner Joe Palombo cleared the air about some confusion he felt exists over the Metal Guitar Series recently produced by Rock House.

JP states:

"It seems some people are confused about the metal guitar series. This should clear it up:

Each metal DVD focuses on a different aspect of Metal Guitar Playing, for Example:

Alexi Laiho- Melodic Speed, shred and heavy riffs.
Dan Jacobs- Leads, Runs & Rhythyms
Ravi & Bobby- Dark Metal, Triads & Chugging
Rob Arnold-Song Writing, Riffing & Soloing
Marc Rizzo- Modern, Speed & Shred

We did it this was so that those who want to play metal can become well rounded and for those who do not want to play metal but want to learn to incorporate the techniques of some of the best young guitar players on the planet into their rock or blues playing. Either way it is all based on how we do things, we WANT YOU TO BECOME WELL ROUNDED"!

Indeed well rounded performers are what we all aspire to be. Thank You to all the artist that put the time and effort into producing the very best learning systems in the business today.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I like the Rock House approach. Could John McCarthy have taught most, if not all, of those techniques? Sure he could have. But he didn't. He went out and got innovative, front line musicians to share from their perspective. This allows Rock House to offer different points of view and different teaching styles. Basically, as Joe put it... something for EVERYONE! This is what makes Rock House the top music instruction product in the world.