6 Ways to Get More From Your Guitar Lessons

This was a nice post from our blog buddy http://www.notplayingguitar.com/

This post shows you six ways you can benefit by studying your guitar lessons when you're not playing. Many players leave their lesson material sitting in their guitar bag, or on a shelf at home. They are missing out on some great opportunities to boost their guitar learning in spare moments they could use to study.

Here's what that extra study could do for your guitar playing. You can study in your spare time, sitting in the bus or train on your way to work, waiting for someone, or in your lunch break.

Improve memory.
Reduce mistakes.
Improve reading skills.
Identify what you need to work on.
Know just what to practice when you pick up your guitar.
Increase your motivation.

Let's see how this extra lesson study can do all of this for you.

click here for the rest http://www.notplayingguitar.com/2008/10/6-ways-to-get-more-from-your-guitar.html

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