Hand, Wrist & Elbow Fitness & Injury Prevention for Musicians: Part 4

‘How to strengthen and balance all 18 of your hand muscles—properly! Use Hands Of Steel Handmaster Plus!’

By Dr. Terry Zachary

We’ve spent the first three blogs of this series talking about hand muscle weakness and imbalance and the problems that can result. Today, let’s talk about how we can easily strengthen and balance the hand muscles properly—and you’ll have much less chance of experiencing any event from the first three blogs.

First, let’s review.

Remember that there are 9 muscles that close your hand and, equally, 9 muscles that open your hand. Remember also that the muscles that open your hand support any action that your hand closing muscles perform. When a musician fatigues, it is usually the hand opening muscles that are tired. In other words, all 18 hand muscles are important for all musicians!

Very simply—strengthen and balance all 18 hand muscles and you will be best prepared for any musical battle.

The other factor that is important is—like all muscles—muscles ideally should be exercised through their full range of motion. Fully close the hand and fully open the hand against resistance and you will not only build healthy hand muscles, you will also create maximum blood flow to all joints and tissues. Even old injuries can heal!

Maximum blood flow is extremely important to the health of the musician in limiting cramping and in getting nutrients to all parts of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. Blood flow keeps your body healthy. Many musicians develop arthritis (joint surface wear and tear) over time. If you exercise regularly and properly, you will develop wonderful blood flow.

Hands Of Steel Handmaster Plus is designed to easily allow the musician to accomplish all of their hand muscle training using very few exercises. And it’s easily portable. No more excuses!

So often I see musicians squeezing a ball, or a spring loaded gripper, with no attention the hand opening muscles. Do you see the problem that this creates now? These musicians create muscle imbalance and minimize blood flow. Additionally, their hand opening muscles (the muscles that support finger grip actions, remember?) are left weak, leading to the likelihood of extensor tendonitis (remember Blog #3?) and fatigue.

Hands Of Steel Handmaster Plus exercises take 2-3 minutes, allowing the hand to move through full opening and closing actions against resistance. This means balance, healthy muscles and maximum blood flow. Easy! And great for warming up and cooling down before and after your performance.

Check out Hands Of Steel Handmaster Plus for all of your hand fitness needs. Keep healthy and create killer performances.

That’s all for now…thanks for learning how to train your 18 hand muscles properly—and why!!! Look for my Teleseminar on Hand Injury Prevention and Musical Performance at www.rockhousemethod.com

Talk to you all soon!

Great Playin’

Dr. Terry Zachary
Rockhouse Method

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