DOUG WIMBISH – The Gear He Uses

Rock House Artist/Instructor Doug Wimbish has a sound of his own. A sound he created, a sound like no other. I can’t tell you how he does it but here’s the gear he uses to make it happen. It’s a pretty impressive list too I might add.

1987 Spector 4-string
2000 Spector 5-string fretless
1987 Spector 5-string
2000 spector 6-string bass
Ibanez Doug Wimbish model basses
2000 electric upright bass
Trace Elliot
On the floor (Meaning his Effects)
T.C. Electronics 2290 Digital Delay
Sans Amp D1 Bass Driver
Sans Amp GT2
Sans Amp Vintage
Danelectro Daddy-ODigitech Whammy Pedal
Dunlop Crybaby
Boss Bass Synth
Boss Flanger
Boss Digital reverb/delay
Boss DD3 Digital Delay
Boss FV50 Volume pedal
Boss TU12 Chrom. tuner
Voodoo Lab Proctavia
Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe
Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power
D.O.D. Envelope Filter
Line 6 Delay
In his rack [live]
Digitech 2112 Delay unit
Digitech IPS33B pitch transposer
Yamaha REX50
Planet Phatt Senheisser Wireless Units
Line 6 distortion
Line 6 modulator
Digitech 256XL
Home Studio Gear
Yamaha RM1X Remix sequencer
Korg Triton Pro Tools 5.1
Roland JV 1080
Yamaha QY70
Apple G4
Glyph hard drives
Korg 05R/W
Mark of the Unicorn midi timepiece
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