Links of the Day - "Big" Dan Jacobs of ATREYU

Dan Jacobs is the guitarist and founding member of the pioneering metallic rock band "ATREYU". he started playing guitar at the age of 12 and has never looked back. Dan is nicknamed "Big" Dan Jacobs because he stands 5'0 feet tall.
Dan currently is in production with Rock House Methos producing a new DVD serise on Dan playing methods and metal guitar.
Since they muscled their way onto the Orange County metal scene in 1998, Atreyu have sold over a million albums by constantly challenging themselves and their audiences with charged music and acrobatic performances that both have pushed the boundaries of catharsis and emotional exorcism.
In October of 2007 Dan and his brother Joe launched his own t-shirt company,Rokk Clothing. Dan's Clothing line includes 70's and 80's inspired concert T's, vintage hard rock, psychadelic and progressive designs for people who want to rock.
He's a busy man who has a lot of links to projects he's involved with. Google him from the search feature on the Rock House Blog and you will find other links for stuff such as a few interviews Dan has done.

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Dan Myers said...

Dan Jacobs is a guitar god! Ive been a diehard fan since fractures in the facade of your porcelain beauty! Dan was my inspriation to pick up a guitar and play. Can't wait for the dvd to come out! Dan if you see this and actually can spare ten minutes to talk to a loyal fan i would be so happy. If you ever get time in your busy schedule and can give me a call please do! my cell is 208 610 3474.
Dan Myers