Alexi Lahio from Children of Bodom DVDs now Availabe for Pre-Sale, Also Order the New COB CD "Blooddrunk"

Rock House announced today a SPECIAL PRE-SALE on the new METAL GUITAR DVDs featuring Alexi Lahio of Children of Bodom The DVDs titled METAL GUITAR, MELODIC SPEED, SHRED & HEAVY RIFFs reveal Alexi's most well kept sercets. Also inlcuded in the pre-sale is the new and highly anticpated Children of Bodom CD "BLOODDRUNK" Members can save save as much as $18.00 when buying the Level 1, 2 and CD Combo Pack and receive free ground shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. The sale is only for products purchased on http://www.rockhousemethod.com/ and includes select titles listed below.

In Level 1: Students learn the single note riffs Alexi uses to create songs and his favorite scales used to create his signature melodic and shredding leads. He also shares his personal tricks for speed, sweep picking, pivoting and pick harmonics. He reveals the chord voicings he uses to create his powerful guitar progressions and a whole lot more!

In Level 2 Alexi continues to encourage students to push the limits of speed and technique. He walks them step-by-step through many of his leads and teaches his mastery of five and six string arpeggios, string skipping arpeggios, chromatic scale patterns and more.

BLOODDRUNK CD: The wildly-anticipated new full length album, the record is said to be the band's "strongest and most advanced recording to date" and features a cutting edge take on COB's enthralling mix of modern metal, melodic hooks and guitar acrobatics.

This SPECIAL SALE will last from April 9, 2008 - April April 30, 2008. Product will ship by April 30 2008.

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