Avoiding Tired Hands When Playing Guitar

A common problem with guitarists is stiffness that is often a result of holding the guitar improperly. Angle the neck of the guitar up, to a thirty-degree angle. Hold the fretting hand out in front, palm facing up, and curl the fingers toward you. Bring the hand back to the guitar, with the thumb behind the neck. Let this be a natural pose, without a bend in the wrist. A straight wrist will make it easier to maneuver around the neck.

Here's few more ideas that may help: Play while standing. This will force you to hold the guitar correctly. As the feel becomes more comfortable, attempt to sit and play. Hands and arms should be very loose and relaxed. Try not to tense the shoulder or bicep of the picking hand.

With light pressure, hold the pick between your thumb and first finger.

BREATHE…when trying out new or complex music. May seem simple, but breathing is important for maintaining relaxed muscles.

Hope this helps

Yours in Music
John McCarthy


Unknown said...

thanx for the advise, I have always thought that you should play sitting down at first and then try playing standing up. I was also wondering how low should your guitar be slung when standing up? above the waist or below.

freddy said...

I found the photo in this post to be very helpful. But my Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior sounds best when I strum it parallel to the ground.

Sarge said...

@ Terrence. For me personally it is slug at the same height as if I were sitting but it varies with different guitarists. I suggest messing with the way you have it slung and find what works best for you without giving up your playing technique.