New Book "My Life with Deth" by David Ellefson Due Out Soon

Long time Rock House Artist/Instructor David Ellefson of Megadeth has a new book titled "My Life With Deth" and it is due out in a few days. Below is the press release for the book.

My Life with Deth
Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock and Roll
By David Ellefson and Joel McIver
Foreword by: Alice Cooper


In My Life with Deth, cofounder and bassist of Mega­deth David Ellefson reveals the behind-the-scenes details of life in one of the world’s most popular heavy metal bands. If you’re looking for revelations, they’re here, including the drug habits that brought the band members to their knees. You’ll learn of David’s unsuc­cessful attempts at rehab and the period when he was strung out on methadone, cocaine, and heroin—all at the same time.

But My Life with Deth is far more than just another memoir of debauchery. Ellefson also shares the story of his faith journey, which began when he decided his only choice for survival was to get free from his addic­tion. In his recovery, he returned to his childhood roots in the Lutheran church and embraced his Christianity that continues to inform his life and work today.

In the pages of this book, you’ll find insightful comments from some of the biggest names in heavy metal, along with life lessons for every reader. Whether religious or not, you’ll be enthralled, informed, and inspired by this tell-all book on discovering meaning in a life of rock and roll.

Click this link to learn more about owning this book http://www.davidellefson.com/merchandise.php

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