Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer™ II Turns an iOS Device into a Full Music Studio

CoreMIDIcompliant interface for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® and that allows users to make music anywhere

Line 6, a company renowned for developing cutting-edge music technology products, is showing the MIDI Mobilizer II, the second generation of its MIDI interface for the Apple® iOS devices, at CES 2012. 

The small, highly portable unit plugs into the dock connector on an iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®, and allows the user to plug-in an external MIDI device such as a keyboard or drum-pad unit, and control any CoreMIDI iOS app including Apple GarageBand.® The MIDI Mobilizer II requires no external power supply or batteries, and is compatible with over 60 million iOS devices worldwide. 

“The MIDI Mobilizer II gives musicians the flexibility to access the sounds and features of their iOS music apps in a wide variety of situations,” says Marcus Ryle, pioneering music technologist and Line 6’s co-founder and Senior Vice President of New Business Development. “For instance, you could use synth sounds from your iPad apps in your stage setup, tap out beats on your iPhone in your studio, or plug in a keyboard to your iPod touch for practicing with a digital piano app when you’re traveling.” 

The MIDI Mobilizer II, which retails for around $69.99, comes with two real 5-pin DIN MIDI cables by Planet Waves™ for plugging into your external keyboards and other MIDI controllers. A pair of LEDs provide visual feedback of signal activity for both the MIDI In and Out functions. The MIDI Mobilizer II is compatible with iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, and iPad. 

Users can download Line 6’s free MIDI Memo Recorder™ app, which works in conjunction with the MIDI Mobilizer II to record all incoming MIDI data and save it for later playback or collaborative file sharing via email. MIDI Memo Recorder time-stamps incoming MIDI messages to an accuracy of one millisecond (1/1000 second), precisely preserving the timing and nuances of your playing. It can also record system exclusive data from an external MIDI devices—including all MIDI-capable Line 6 guitar amplifiers, POD® multi-effects, and stomp and rack effects—in order to save user settings. 

Line 6’s innovative products have been at the cutting edge of digital audio development for musicians since the company pioneered the digital modeling guitar amplifier in 1996. Before they formed Line 6 in the mid-‘90s, Ryle and co-founder Michel Doidic were responsible for developing the software for the Alesis® ADAT®, the digital multitrack recorder that revolutionized the recording industry. Today, Line 6 produces a wide variety of hardware and software products including POD® multi-effect processors, POD Farm® software plug-ins, Spider® guitar amps, a range of professional instrument and microphone digital wireless systems, and the Mobile In™ digital input adapter and Mobile Keys™ keyboards for Apple iOS devices. 

For more information, visit http://www.line6.com.  

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