Michael ‘Padge’ Paget TonePrints for Vortex Flanger and Flashback Delay

Michael ‘Padge’ Paget, lead guitarist of metal sensation Bullet for My Valentine and Rock House Instructor, creates personal ‘Sunny Day’ and ‘Tears’ TonePrints.

At first Michael set out to make an extreme tone for TC’s Vortex Flanger pedal, but once the creative process started, inspiration pointed him in a different direction. Rather than going to extremes, Michael ended up creating a subtle and slow-ocean-breeze-on-a-sunny-day kind of tone. As always TC lets the TonePrint artists name their own TonePrints, and I this case, Michael found it natural to simply call it ‘Sunny Day’. 

For the Flashback Delay pedal, Michael decided to go for a nice analog delay with a bit of chorus on the repeated notes – a beautiful and evocative tone he decided to name ‘Tears’.

Michael ‘Padge’ Paget is the lead guitarist of the Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for my Valentine that has sold more than 2,5 million albums worldwide. When touring the world with Bullet for My Valentine, Michael also uses a TC G-System for effects and control of his live rig, and to him it simply eliminates the hassle of constantly having to do the stomp-box-tap-dancing on the stage.

Michael’s Sunny Day TonePrint for Vortex Flanger is now available as a free download on TC Electronic’s website or as part of the free TonePrint App for iPhone.

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