Alex Skolnick Reviews Loutallica - Metallica's Latest Artistic Adventure

Rock House Instructor and Testement guitarist Alex Skolnick has never been shy about reviewing anyone's music. Metallica's latest collaboration with the legendary Lou Reed is no exception. In the review Alex is pretty damn straight forward and honest.
I’ve finally checked out Lou Lou, Loutallica, or whatever you want to call it (actual title: ‘Lulu’)- the ’stranger than fiction’ collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed. I’ve been hearing what everyone’s been saying about the album- they don’t like it.
Myself? With the exception of a few parts (the riff on track 2, ‘The View,’ for example) I don’t really like it either. But I confess to being fascinated by it.
Read the entire review at  Skolnotes Alex's blog.

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