DR Strings Present Neon Acoustic Guitar Strings

DR NEON™ Acoustic Guitar strings are super bright color coated phosphor bronze strings that will sound clear, bright and musical as well as provide unparalleled string performance and longevity.Super bright in daylight and under stage lighting, DR’s NEON™ strings are so bright in appearance they look like they are on fire.

DR’s NEON strings, featuring DR’s new K3™ Technology coating, are 100% black light active so they glow strongly under UV lighting. DR’s new K3™ coating has been proven to last at least 9 times longer (by documented factory tests) than previous DR coatings. The new, durable K3™ coating will NOT strip away, peel or come off under any playing condition we have put it thorough in numerous, stressful factory tests.

NEON™ Acoustic Guitar Strings are available in Hi-Def Orange, Hi-Def Pink, and Hi-Def Green in standard acoustic guitar 11-50 and 12-54 gauged sets.

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