FREEKBASS releases new album "Concentrate" ..... for FREE

The Funkiest bass man in the land FREEKBASS has just released his 5th album. This one....for free!

The 10 track album features many of special guests and friends of FB, such as DJ Spooky, Adam Deitch (Pretty Lights/Lettuce), Bootsy Collins, Steve Molitz (Particle/Headtronics) and more.

FREEKBASS states, "When it came time to make this album, just like I do when I play live with the projects mentioned earlier, it felt inspiring to start from that platform of working with other DJs, and electronic-oriented groove machine musicians, and let my bass be the glue between each track. I have always had a pretty unconventional bass sound, and it seems to fit in well with all of the new soundscapes of the electric world. When I am playing and writing both live and in the studio is where I have always felt the most focused, and balanced, which is why the title Concentrate came to mind : ‘to bring or draw to a common center or point of union focus"

Download the entire album at http://freekbass.bandcamp.com/

Learn how to play your bass like FREEKBASS at www.rockhousemethod.com

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