Cool Stuff - Gemstone Guitar Picks

Saw these in an email the other day. I've used a few different items as a pick depending on the amount of various beverages I've had for the night, but these cool looking picks caught my eye, a little pricey for one but none the less look good. Tell me about the different kinds of thins you have used for picks in the comments below.

The Gemstone guitar picks renowned for their stony, mellow, unique clear sound, and precision action. They work well with guitars or any stringed instrument that uses a pick, electric or acoustic. Stone Guitar Picks are a positive addition to your guitar gear. The picks are made from a variety of gem materials: Agates, Petrified Wood, Jaspers, Tiger Eye, and Crazy Lace, to mention a few. A stone pick is a unique guitar gift for that guitar player in your life. Available in a wide range of thickness, shapes, and sizes to fit all players. Real Rock maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship every step of the way to assure the guitarist a fine stone plectrum.

Priced at 30 bucks. http://realrock.us/

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