Rob Balducci's Lick Of The Week - Morley Maverick Wah Demo

This week I am demoing the new Morley mini switchless Maverick Wah pedal.

This is wah is awesome, has a great tone to it and is small so it fits better on your pedal board. As with all Morley's it does not suck your tone when plugged in your single chain. Simply to use, just put your foot on the pedal and it goes on, take your foot off and the pedal goes off. It is very quiet and the tone is vintage/modern. I have aready added it to my board and I love it! Make sure to check it out.

Thanks and stayed tuned www.robbalducci.com for info on my debut DVD coming out later this month on The Rock House Method, Innovative Guitar; Rock Beyond The Boundaries.


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