Switchback 312 speaker cabinet

NAMM 2011 — 3rd Power Amplification LLC, makers of unique tone solutions for electric guitarists, has announced the introduction of a speaker cabinet, the Switchback 312.

Though rectangular in shape, the Switchback 312 utilizes an internal triangular chamber to house three special design 12-inch speakers, attaining the same output volume as typical 4×12 designs, but in a cabinet that’s 20 percent more compact

The Switchback 312 also employs 3rd Power’s signature Switchback porting system on the back of the cabinet. A triangular port behind the speaker cluster gives the user a choice closed- or open-back sound, effectively doubling the tonal possibilities of any amplifier the cabinet is paired with.

“The key to eliminating standing waves in cabinet design is to avoid parallel surfaces,” notes 3rd Power founder and designer Jamie Scott. “We’ve had great success with our HLH 312 cabinet being used on major tours by players like Simon Townsend, Steve Miller and others.”

“The Switchback 312 takes that same triangular form factor and houses it in a rectangular outer cabinet for ease of use. It gives you every bit of volume that a 412 typically provides, but with amazing clarity and tone.”

You can learn more by going to http://www.3rdpoweramps.com/

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