NAMM 2011 - PRS Guitars Expands Private Stock Acoustic Line

While acoustic guitars are a newer venture for PRS, the concepts they are based upon are as old as the company itself. PRS is proud to continue growing their acoustic line at Winter NAMM 2011 by adding to the already acclaimed Tonare Grand and Angelus Cutaway. The Collection Grand as well as signature model acoustics from Tony McManus and Martin Simpson will add to the list of instruments offered within the PRS Private Stock acoustics line.

The Private Stock Collection Grand combines the perimeter shape of a Tonare Grand and the body depth of an Angelus Cutaway. The rarest of materials including mammoth ivory and diamond inlay bridge pins are used in these exquisite understated instruments.

Bearclaw tops, exotic species backs and sides and gold mother of pearl custom inlays are just some the features available on Private Stock acoustics. These guitars serve both as extraordinary musical instruments and treasured heirlooms. Because the available materials are so vast and exotic, it is impossible to list all the options. It is however fair to say that the goal of the program is to collaboratively custom configure a guitar that speaks to the individuality of the owner, while maintaining the high standard that is the hallmark of PRS Acoustics.

Tony McManus and Martin Simpson, award-winning folk guitarists with world renowned talent, have worked very closely with Paul and the PRS Acoustic team to make their signature models. Each guitar pays tribute to both their talent and to their dedication as musicians.

“It’s an ironic thing to say about such a beautiful instrument but it becomes invisible- leaving the player to concentrate solely on the music- which is what it should be all about. The Tony McManus signature model is based on the Angelus model but with the PRS wide fingerboard. The bridge and fingerboard are in ebony, and the Private Stock wood choices are pretty spectacular. The guitar is capable of going anywhere I’m capable of going musically. It works beautifully as a solo fingerstyle guitar but if I need to flatpick, it’ll go there too. It’ll accompany songs, tunes…whatever I need…tuned high and tuned low, gently caressed or driven hard,” said Tony McManus.

“The new Martin Simpson signature model guitar is simply the result of the PRS team being truly attentive to the feedback of a player. I have felt privileged to be able to tell them what I think will make a better guitar for great acoustic playing, and they have listened to my input from materials to neck width and string spacing, pick up sound and inlays....and when the last model arrived, I was blown away by the results. The new signature model is entirely the best materials, and the specs which I asked for, presented in a deluxe version. It is a great instrument made by people who care and strive always for the highest standards in tone, playability, workmanship and aesthetics,” said Martin Simpson.

PRS invites you to visit a dealer near you to explore the acoustic possibilities. 

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