Rob Balducci - Lick Of The Week "Choke" Live at Rehearsal

Rob Balducci just put up a new "Lick of The Week" on You Tube.

The Favored Nations Artist and Rock House Instructor said on his site, "This song Choke is from my newest CD titled Violet Horizon. This is a cool tune for us to play live. This version is a little raw but thats what rehearsal is for lol. I like playing this tune live because a lot of the parts to this song is a mixture of riffage as well as lead parts. It is different then a lot of my other tunes. On the CD I played this song with a 7 sring part on the left and a six string on the right. It sounds nice and huge. The cool thing that I like to do is work the songs as a trio first. This way playing live the song still sounds good to me. I am from the school of; the studio is a separate thing from live. I don't want to sound like the CD live etc. My opinion is who wants to go see a band that sounds like a CD is playing. Live should be a different experience. My favorite bands like Led Zeppelin had tons of parts in the studio but live it was a trio. The same with Jimi Hendrix!!"

Check out Rob's official site at http://www.robbalducci.com/

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