Day Of Reckoning feat. Rusty Cooley Releases 2 New Demo Songs

Rusty Cooley's new band Day of Reckoning is kicking it in the ass pretty hard. They just released 2 new songs for their debut album. "Slow Decline" and "In Quiet Disbelief" and the songscan now be heard at http://www.myspace.com/dayofreckoningmetal

A couple of reviews of the that are posted on the site:

"Both tunes are really cool! Sounds awesome man. Great riffs. Love the hyper-speed open G lick on the second one. The arpeggio sequences in both songs are sick".
-John Petrucci, Dream Theater

"Holy shit! This is awesome. I think you've found your sound bro. Your new singer has a lot of power and the hooks are very brutal and memorable".
-Oli Herbert, All That Remains

"OMG Totally Killer . Beyond impressive on so many levels. I am blown away my friend".
-Karl Sanders, Nile

Check it today!

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