The Weekend Read For Sept. 17th 2010 - Guitar Lessons, Articles and More

For those of you not familiar with "The Weekend Read" it's a good list of guitar related articles, guitar lessons, gear reviews, news and sometimes plain old good reading that I've found from our blog roll over the past week.

Cameron Mizell - Guitarist - This lesson is great for beginning guitarists. I learned these scale patterns during high school and they quite literally changed the way I looked at the guitar as a musical instrument...Woodshed Wednesday: 7 Major Scales/Modes for Guitar

Double Bass Blog - I’ve always thought that the very act of trying to write down a sequence of elements in your practicing helps lead to better practicing. I usually guide students through this even from early lessons...More thoughts on auditioning

Guitar Friendly - It makes sense then why Castiv decided to create the Guitar Sidekick. This mount attaches to your guitar and mounts your iPhone or any other mobile or portable device to your guitar...Castiv Guitar Sidekick Hands-On Review

I Heart Guitar - Cradle of Filth’s Paul Allender has been a PRS user for a long time, and his signature SE model has undergone a few changes over the years, especially in the finish department. This latest model is in a spooky green (called Emerald Green Burst) and is also available in Scarlet Red Burst, whereas the previous iteration was purple...REVIEW: PRS SE Paul Allender signature model

Not Playing Guitar - In this article I'll present four different kinds of learning time. Use these four kinds of time to balance your learning activities and get the most out of the time you have to learn guitar...How Balanced Is Your Guitar Learning Time?

Strat-O-Blogster - Seems like everywhere ya look-- even in women's media, the top "rated" ladies of guitar continue to be Lita Ford, Heart's Nancy Wilson and Joan Jett, followed by various "dangerous" appearing punk chicks who don't actually play guitar very well but look good enough holding one to get the attention of journalists who don't play guitar...Best Female Guitarists? More Than You Knew!

The Classical Guitar Blog - Masterclasses are a great opportunities to pick up a few valuable tips, and you don’t have to play for the artists to get the most out of it...How to Get the Most out of a Masterclass

Rock your ass off this weekend

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