Freekbass with Headtronics Slated To Play MoogFest 2010

Headtronics, the intensive high energy band comprised of Rock House Instructor Freekbass along with Molitz and DJ Logic, will be playing at MoogFest 2010. Performimg with Headtronics will be the "Wizard of Woo"  Bernie Worrell on keyboards and Adam Deitch on drums. The event is October 29 -31, 2010 in Asheville, NC.

About MoogFest

The annual event honoring the remarkable vision of Robert Moog and his amazing musical inventions that changed the course of music – is reinventing itself. This year, moogfest 2010 will move from New York City to Asheville, NC – the place Bob Moog called home for the last 30 years of his life – and will expand to a 3-day, multi-venue event during the weekend of October 29 -31, 2010. During the festival, moogfest 2010 will host artists and audiences from throughout the world in different venues throughout Asheville’s beautiful, historic downtown.

Moogfest 2010 will celebrate Bob Moog’s legacy as a sonic pioneer, which will be the thread that unites the festival’s rich array of musical offerings. While the wide range of Moog instruments – the Minimoog Voyager, the Little Phatty, the Etherwave Theremin, Moogerfoogers, and the new Moog Guitar – will play prominent roles throughout the festival’s events, the artists performing will certainly not be limited to those who create their work on Moog instruments. Instead, artists will be chosen for their role in creating unique and groundbreaking musical experiences that embody the essence of Bob Moog’s visionary and creative spirit.

Check it at http://moogfest.com/

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