Doug Wimbish - About The Spector NS-2 Bass

Laurie Mura who takes care of PR for Doug Wimbish turned me on to this player profile of Doug at Spector Bass. I thought the story was pretty cool about how the legendary "Sound System" came across his first bass guitar from Spector.

A young Doug Wimbish special ordered a SPECTOR® NS-2™ in 1987 and quickly got the music world’s attention with it. Doug’s special-order NS-2™ has a special narrow neck (nut width is 1.5” as opposed to the 1.65” as is standard on the NS-2™) and it has a slimmer neck profile.

Over the years, Doug, who is more a ‘Sound System” than a single bassist, has continually refined his virtuoso skills and expanded his already mind-boggling range.

A true ‘Musicians’ Musician”, we are proud to offer an exact replica of his legendary SPECTOR® of choice and we are very proud to call him our friend.
Check out the bass features, specs and options at Doug Wimbish Spector NS-2 and check Dougs player profile at Doug Wimbish at Spector Bass

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