Buz McGrath 7-String Fretribution, Rhythms and Leads 2 DVD Set Pre-Order Starts Today

Today Rock House announced the start of pre sale on the long awaited DVD featuring Buz McGrath. 7-String Fretribution with Buz McGrath or whose band Unearth has steadily become one of the leading lights in heavy metal and have had unanimous glowing reviews from magazines and web sites all over the globe. Blender.com, Revolver Magazine, Guitar World have heaped accolades on the band, one of the highest compliments came in Rolling Stone Magazine, from Slipknot front man, Cory Taylor. “It’s like Anthrax and Megadeth rolled into one. It’s everything you want in a great metal band.”

The 7-String guitar is the foundation that gives some of popular music, especially heavy metal its ferocious sound. In this program, Buz McGrath of Unearth reveals his lead and song writing techniques. Learn sweep arpeggios, 7 string minor seventh arpeggios, hammer pull off runs and shred riffs spanning the neck. Buz teaches his unique way of creating harmony sections and pivoting lead techniques. Learn how to construct songs using the combination of single note riffs and power chords and how to add harmony guitar counterparts to create interesting full rhythms. Understand how to play 7-string syncopated and odd time rhythms, speed thrash and rhythm codes that are the signature of 7-string sound.

More than 30 Lesson, 36 Page Interactive Tab Book You Print from DVD, Behind The Scenes Photos, Ipod Ready Video, Liftetime Membership for Online Lessons Support.

Retail Price $24.99, Pre Sale Price, $19.99 
Ships October 17, 2010 

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