Rock House Collaborates with Guitar Friendly on The"Ultimate Acoustic Buying Guide"

My Friend Brett McQueen over at guitarfriendly.net has just published a very informative article called "The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide".

The contents of the article are:

* Identifying Your Budget & Goals
* The Parts of the Guitar
* The Main Things You Want to Look for When Buying an Acoustic Guitar
* Acoustic Guitar Body Styles
* Tonewoods & Other Woods that Effect the Sound of an Acoustic Guitar
* Acoustic Guitar Pickups & Electronics
* Specific Buying Tips for Beginners vs. Seasoned Players
* Where to Buy an Acoustic Guitar & the Actual Buying Process

Although we pitched a few ideas at Brett I got to give all the credit for this article to him. Others contributing to the article were  Brendan Delumpa from Guitar Gear and Matt Warnock from The Modern Guitarist.

 It's a good read and you can check it out at GuitarFriendly.net - The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

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