The Weekend Read For May 7th - Guitar Lessons and Articles

The weekend read for May 7th is a good list of guitar related articles on guitar lessons, gear reviews and news that I found from our blog roll.

Double Bass Blog - We wrapped up the favorite strings submission month last week, and I thought I’d take a moment and summarize what folks have been trying and what they prefer. I always find these discussions useful, and I hope that you do as well. There’s no “right answer” to the question of what strings work best, but you can see from the following submissions what different bassists have been using...String preferences summary

Guitar Noize - The Morley George Lynch Dragon II Wah pedal is actually 2 Wahs in one with a clever Wah Lock feature that also extends the capabilities of this versatile pedal. The Dragon II is an Optical switch Wah which means there are no mechanical parts to activate the pedal...Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah demo

I Heart Guitar - Periphery mastermind Misha Mansoor is probably like a lot of the dudes reading this article. He’s been working away for years in his home studio, uploading tracks online for everyone to hear, posting on geeky guitar forums, working on his chops. All that hard work and woodshedding is now paying off big-time, with his band Periphery releasing their long-awaited and extremely ass-kicking self-titled debut album. I caught up with Misha to talk Periphery, recording and, of course, guitars...INTERVIEW: Periphery’s Misha Mansoor

Marks Guitar Blog - This lesson is designed to get your hands working a little better before we start working on our "Alternate Picking Etude". An "Etude" is a technical study...Alternate Picking Etude Primer Lesson

Not Playing Guitar - Playing guitar chords is an important skill for any guitar player. The more chords you know and the more easily and fluently you can play them the better you will be at playing rhythm guitar. This article for guitar players of all levels offers 8 ways to get better at playing guitar chords...8 Ways to Get Better At Guitar Chords

Share My Guitar - Buznut USA a Los Angeles based company has come up with the Buznut Ultimate Guitar String Dampener. The Buznut Ultimate Dampener debuted at the 2010 Winter NAMM convention. This revolutionary system cancels out that unwanted string noise and lets you effortlessly move around the neck with confidence. CEO/Co-Inventor William Young was gracious enough to let us try out this amazing new product...Review: The Buznut Ultimate Guitar String Dampener

The Classical Guitar Blog - This video covers what I do with student when I’m just getting them started with Hammer-ons/Pull-offs (slurs)...Video Lesson: Beginning Slur Exercises

Tone Freq - I am an amp builder/designer based in Franklin/Nashville TN. I was lucky enough to be on high ground, about 100 yards from the flood water. Others were less fortunate. If your prized amplifier(s) have been damaged, take these initial steps...Nashville Flood: Initial Steps to Take When Recovering Your Guitar Amp

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