The Weekend Read for May 15th - Guitar Articles, Lessons and More

The weekend read for May 7th is a good list of guitar related articles on guitar lessons, gear reviews and news that I found from our blog roll. Be sure to check out the Rock House Lesson for this week Guitar Lesson - Using A Legato Technique to Play Scales

Cameron Mizell - Guitarist - It’s one thing to keep a blog, or regularly update your social networks with the usual “I’m playing a show tonight!” dialog, but pulling the curtain back on the truly creative work is an entirely different beast...Thoughts on Sharing the Creative Process

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - Bugera is creating some buzz with their line of amps, especially the 333 and the V22 models. A friend of mine bought the Bugera V22, and he is very impressed and happy with it. I can understand why. Very appealing price point, great tones and lots of flexibility. It's hard to not like that!...Bugera V22

Double Bass Blog - Double bassist Donovan Stokes (a former Contrabass Conversations guest) has full-tuition scholarships for the Bass Coalition Summer Workshop...15 Full Tuition Workshop Scholarships June 24-26

Fretbase - I’m a big fan of doing it yourself. A lot of people are, you’d be surprised… So here’s a cool way to get that point-to-point hand-wired amp that you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the price...DIY: Build Your Own Amplifier

Guitar Friendly -One of the most challenging aspects as a beginning guitar player can be knowing where to start. That’s why I introduce to you Guitar Friendly’s twelve easy guitar lessons for beginners...11 Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar Noize - There are so many myths about amps from the legend of Dumble to the quest for the perfect Plexi tone, you could literally spend years chasing after that perfect combination of tubes, wattage and speaker that are discussed the world over. And yet, spend half an hour with Bruce Egnater and he will not only dispel any rumor, myth or hearsay you have ever encountered but also back it up by letting you in on just about every amp secret you ever wanted to know...Bruce Egnater Seminar at the Australian Institute of Music - 7/4/10

Mark McGuigan Musicians Blog - This is a practice etude or small piece of music for you to apply the sweep picking technique that we learned in the Sweep Picking Primer Lesson and the Sweep Arpeggio Lesson #2 - Major and Minor Triads. If you haven't worked on those two lessons you should go back and do them first...Sweep Picking Etude

Share My Guitar - The Music Man company began in 1971 when Forrest White and Tom Walker spoke with Leo Fender about starting a company they would call Tri-Sonic, Inc. White had worked with Leo early on with Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company as the plant manager and stayed on after the company was sold to CBS...Review: The John Petrucci JPX-6 Signature Guitar

Strat-O-Blogster - In the above clip I fail to mention that I prefer Ernie Ball Coated Slinky's over other brands because of the Titanium reinforcement at the ends which nobody else has. Titanium keeps the free world free and the skies safe for democracy... and it further protects against unwanted string breakage! Plus, Ernie Ball strings are always FRESH!...Protect your tone this Summer with coated strings!

The Punch-in - Our quest to find 77 Awesomely Weird Guitars to blow your mind. So put your shower caps on and get your squeegees ready because what you are about to see will most definitely blast your headspace into sopping smithereens...77 Awesomely Weird Guitars

Truth in Shreading - Win an MXR micro flanger anti-shred competition by Tiago de Moura...Tiago de Moura: anti shred competition

Musical Musings - If you are thinking about trying out slide guitar, and want to experiment with an open tuning, open E tuning is a great way to start...Open E Tuning a Good Way to Start Slide Guitar

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