Rob Balducci's "Lick of The Week" - Rob's Pedal Board

In this installment of Rob Balducci's Lick of The Week, The Rock House Instructor shows off his pedal board and talks about why he uses each of the effects pedals. It seems they had a hard time picking up Baducci's voice so you will have to turn up those computer speakers.

Rob's current set up consists of an Ernie Balll volume pedal, Digitech Whammy 1, Morley Tremonti wah, MXR phase 90, Fulltone Ultimate Octave, Xotic BB pre amp, Ibanez TS 808HW, micro-vibe, Boos NS2 and he also has planet waves tuner on the board. He uses George L's cables for guitar cables and also to wire the pedal board.

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