Rob Balducci's "Lick of The Week" - Live at BB Kings Performing "Liquid Soul"

For Rob Balducci's "lick of The Week" he uses his Ibanez S Series guitar and Cornford MK50 11 amp.

The Rock House Instructor and Favored Nations artist said on his You Tube site, "This was taken at the BB Kings show on April 27 2010. This is the song Liquid Soul from my CD Violet Horizon. I love this tune and it is always cool to play live. We do it as an extented jam. I forgot my Zoom q3 at home so the audio is not as good as it should be. This was filmed on a small point and shoot Canon elph camera. This features Ethan Meixsell on Bass and John Celentano on Drums". 

Next week Balducci's "Lick of The Week" will be on his pedal board as a lot of fans have sent emails requesting info about it. 


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