The Weekend Read For April 30th - Guitar Lessons and Articles

A few good articles I enjoyed over the past week.

Guitar Noize - I first heard of Red Bear guitar picks over at GuitarGear.org and I remember thinking who on earth would pay $20 for a guitar pick. Well in my never ending quest for the perfect guitar pick I finally succumbed to the nagging urge, I mean for $20 it has to be good right...Review: Red Bear Guitar Picks Big Jazzer

I Heart Guitar - ESP and its LTD brand have released probably dozens of MH-based guitars over the years and it’s easy to see why the design is popular: it embodies the playability and stage-friendly ergonomics of a superstrat, with certain similarities in wood, tone and construction with the Les Pauls. MH guitars are available in all price points right down to the budget MH-50, so let’s look at the LTD MH-1000 Deluxe...REVIEW: ESP LTD MH-1000 DELUXE

Jemsite - I like to tinker. Over fifty percent of my guitars and amps are modified in some way or another. One of my favorite modifications to make is changing the sound of a guitar by putting in new/different pickups. I’m constantly on quest to achieve some tone or another. Having said that…The Story of Norton

Marks Guitar Blog - In this lesson we are going to combine the Dorian mode that we constructed in the last lesson (Dorian Mode Construction) with our Minor Pentatonic Scale...Dorian Mode Lesson #2 - Mixing it up with the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Not Playing Guitar - Guitar chord changes are an important part of any guitarists arsenal of skills which is why it's important to develop good strategies to practice them. Good chord practice will make you a better guitar player and these 24 tips will help you develop your daily routine to practice chord changes...24 Guitar Chord Change Tips

Rock Guitar Life - Here’s something for all you net shredders. A site for shred competitions called The Musical Contest. Right now they have a cool Dave Martone contest going on with the prize being a Pigtronix envelop phaser...Get your shred on

Share My Guitar - There is no question that good vintage guitars often make great investments. For instance, depending on the model, Les Paul guitars have been known to sell for over a quarter of a million dollars, while some Fender Telecasters command close to $100,000 in today’s market place. In fact, some of the most popular vintage guitars from the 1960’s can go for more than $20,000...What Makes a Guitar Vintage?

The Punch-in - Nowadays, things aren’t so simple when you’re traveling with a guitar. The dynamics -- and the expenses -- of airplane travel have changed so much that keeping your guitar safe, nearby, and in one piece has become a lot more difficult than it should be...7 Tips For Flying With Your Guitar (Part 1)

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