Mad Bass Chops - Bass Guitar Lesson from Chris McCarvill - Part 2

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Really Mad Bass Chops
By Chris McCarvill

Best we have a have a metronome/drum machine for this one ! Thanks.

Ok...in our beginner technique lesson we worked on developing some dexterity with a variety of patterns. Now it's time to pick it up a nothc and work on shifting from pattern to pattern. Set the metronome to a moderate tempo and start on Pattern 1 (see below) and play it four times.

Example #1

As you play it the fourth time around, visualize the second pattern.

Example #2

Think of what finger goes where and how you start it. Make sure that when you shift you left hand stays reaching and over the frets without flapping off the neck. Nail that first note so that you’re mentally in place and know the frets to play on as you shift into place.

Practice shifting between the first and second patterns several times, and then practice it in a tempo. The goal here is to make it sound like you aren’t shifting. Do the best you can to not clip the note before the shift.

Example #3

Audio sample (BACH 1ST SHIFT.MP3)

You want more fun? Here’s the first 3 patterns at a quicker tempo.

Example #4

Audio sample (BACH 3 POSITIONS.MP3)

You know what’s next, right? Here’s all the patterns, all the way up and all the way back at a medium tempo.

Example #5

Audio sample (BACH UP AND BACK.MP3)

For the final step, here’s patterns 1, 3, 5 and 7 up and 6, 4 and 2 down. You get the concept, right?

Example #6

Audio sample (BACH ODD EVEN.MP3)

Have fun and experiment. It’s very musical. Remember we’re only in the key of Aminor/C Major. There are 11 keys to experiment with and though the starting points differ, all of these patterns stay exactly the same. When you can comfortably play all of these patterns and shift smoothly between them you will have great chops. Now you can go and deal with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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