Free Gibson App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Gibson is proud to introduce the Gibson App for iPhone and iPod Touch, a multi-purpose and fully interactive guitar application which can be used at home, on the road or in the Studio. It’s a must-have for guitarists of all abilities and style and best of all, it's free. Get yours today.


Tuner - A standard and traditional chromatic tuner. In addition to standard EADGBE, several alternate tunings are also available.

Metronome - Features a Tap Tempo Metronome that allows users to choose a specific BPM or tap the screen three times to automatically set the tempo.

Chords - Includes over 30 chord charts with easy-to-read finger positions to help the user with mastering the chord.

Lessons - Exclusive guitar lessons from the award-winning Learn and Master series, by Legacy Learning Systems.

For more info check it at http://www2.gibson.com


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