Anthony Lawrence of Rock House Sponsored by Brazen Guitars

Love it when things start going right for one of the member's of The Rock House Family. Our very own Anthony Lawrence has pick been picked up by Brazen Guitars (http://www.brazenguitars.com/). Anthony will be using Brazens Thorsen 7 string model. According to Anthony, " This is one  sick axe. If you've never played one I recommend you go to brazen.com and find a place that has them near you and try it out for yourself, its a neck thru and plays and sounds killer"! Check out Anthony's bio on The Brazen site, they did a killer job. http://www.brazenguitars.com/artists.html

Congrats from all of us Anthony!


Dy-sphoric said...


That is awesome to hear. Congrats Anthony!!!

Sarge said...

Pretty good stuff