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If your child is ages 7 to 10, why not have them spend a week of fun jammin' out in their very own rock band, designing their own marketing packet, and participating in team building activities - all while learning from the best professional musicians in your area. That's what Camp Jam Kidz is all about ' a bunch of kidz, having a good time while learning how to rock out!

Camp Jams curriculum has been designed by platinum selling artists and top music instructors from across the US and Canada to teach kids how to be an effective band member. As seen on MTV, the Camp Jam experience will turn the bedroom player in to a bona fide rock star! Camp Jam offers day camp programs for ages 7 to 17,  in 17 cities!   Overnight programs are available in select cities. For more information visit www.campjam.com. or call 800 513-0930

Monday morning begins with friendly and professional staff introductions. The kidz have a chance to meet and briefly get to know the other campers as they listen to songs from the Camp Jam Kidz song list.

Next, we will identify your child by his or her instrument preference. (Remember, there is no experience necessary at Camp Jam Kidz. Kidz can play whatever they want.) We then put the kidz into their bands for the week. Each band chooses a song to work on, and then they decide on their very own band name. (Kidz come up with some of the best band names.) Then it's time to get the show on the road.Your child may first need help on how to properly hold a guitar, bass or drum stick. The proper technique is not something we take lightly. We strive to make sure kidz start rockin' with the right habits. Or maybe your child has played for a while and is in need of some intermediate instruction. Our counselors have worked with all ages and skill levels.

Drummers are often backed up with a teacher kit. Bass players often learn a simple line while keyboardists tap out distinct melodies. Singers are instructed on the importance of projection and stage presence. We refuse to be fooled by the young age of our campers. Some are born rockers. The great majority, however, will simply need some gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement to get settled in their first full band experience.

When the bands aren't rockin', the creativity is still flowing. Each band will make its own professional promo packets. The contents of the packets will include a band designed logo, CD cover and insert, business card, band bio and band photo. The final packet will be on display after each band performs their song at the Friday concert. Each camper will bring home a professional marketing piece that is sure to wow family and friends.

Evaluations and Mondays

All day campers are to check in at 8:00am accompanied by a parent or an adult. Mondays are unlike any other day at Camp Jam. Upon arrival campers are evaluated by professional instructors to determine each students level, age, favorite bands and style(s) of music. Live evaluations are necessary in order to place each camper with the band best suited for them. THIS IS A PROCESS AND DOES TAKE SOME TIME. Campers are asked to be patient until all evaluations are completed. After campers are evaluated they will be escorted to the stage area where they will meet fellow campers, listen to music and get to know their instructors.

As the camp director and staff review evaluations and form the bands, camp instructors will perform on stage and lead a “break the ice” jam for those who want to participate. If additional time is needed to form the bands campers will immediately break off by instrument and go to a group instruction class. After the jam, students are introduced to the camp staff, schedule, camp policies, rules and regulations.

Next, band announcements are made and instructors and bands are a ssigned to groups. Bands must now collaborate and pick a song from the Camp Jam song list and agree on a name for the group. As you can imagine, this can take a few moments! Instructors will assist bands to expedite the process.

After all bands and groups are formed each group will rotate through introductory sessions to get familiar with the stage gear, camp layout and other camp equipment.. A song learning prep session is also necessary to collect lyrics, music and tab for their song(s)

Next, the bands begin rehearsals in the ensemble rooms and on the live stage for the remainder of the afternoon. By Tuesday, everyone gets in the groove and the previous day of evaluations and introductory classes are forgotten. The focus is to play hard, the Friday concert is near. Time to Rock.

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Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I can sense the enthusiasm and the passion of the performers - even by just looking at the photos. Activities and vents like this really heighten motivation and make the kids perform well, rocking the town out and showcasing their skills and talents. I always bear in mind that creativity and fun are necessary in education so as not to bore our students. Please keep on posting contents on some useful music teachers resources. Thanks again and more power. Have a nice weekend! Cheers!