Help Getting Past Stage Fright

Man, I can remember my few times of performing in front of a crowd real well. So well in fact after the first performance at a local jam I wondered if I would really be able to do it again. Now don't get the wrong impression everyone was very encouraging, in fact I was told that I played just fine. But that nervousness that makes your whole body shake along with that little negative voice in the back of your head can be a real killer.

The good thing is that it does get easier to perform the next time you perform, and easier yet the time after that and there are a few things you can do help you get past "stage fright".

  • Practice with a friend. Starting to play your instrument with one of your friends around whether they play an instrument or not. It's a huge step for getting ready to perform in front of a crowd.
  • Practice in an area of the house where people can hear you or may walk by you. Even though you are not performing for them you will get used to the idea of someone else being able to hear your playing and it will lessen the fear factor.
  • When performing try to relax and breathe…this may seem funny to you but a lot of players, when they get nervous they hold their breath. This will make you much tenser and increase the chances of making a mistake.
There are most defenitly other things that can be done but those are the things that worked for me. If you have a tip that could be useful to the readers on the subject leave it in the comment section.

After you find out what works for you. you will be up on the stage tearing things up in no time at all, which is one of the collest feelings you will ever have.


Anonymous said...

This is a great article. This book, "Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America's #1 Fear" has helped a bunch of people beat stage fright. A cognitive psychologist and an actor/successful theatre professor put the book together. The first half covers the cognitive techniques to fight stage fright, and the second half contains interviews about stage fright with celebrities like Robin Williams, Melissa Etheridge and much more: http://howtobeatstagefright.com

gig-getter said...

You might find my blog and free monthly newsletter of use re Stage fright and general gigging/gig-getting tips too