Gus G. signs up with Blackstar Amps

Blackstar amplification are pleased to announce the signing of Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. Gus has an extremely impressive band resume including, Nightrage, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil. Gus is currently playing with Ozzy Osbourne and is set to tour for 18 months starting in 2010. The touring rig is going to be the biggest Blackstar presence to hit a stage yet with six Series One S1-200 heads and 12 Series One 4x12 cabs! What else would you expect on an Ozzy tour?’

Gus comments: “This is the new amp that will take over the Metal world! Amazing tone, incredible gain and top notch quality! The Blackstar Series One 200 is my new addiction!”

Gus will be at the Blackstar NAMM booth #3592 on Saturday 16th January at 16.00.


GTR Music said...

Thats exciting news about Gus. I get the feeling Blackstar Amps are on the up. Ive just started dealing in their amps and pedals and I like their approach to the industry.

Beni said...

yes they are going to make it really big, I just buyed the S1-200 + cab, and Im impressed!.. The Best amp I´ve owned, and I have had Marshalls, Mesas, etc.. I do like to test new stuff all the time, but I think (and its kind of sad) that I won't need to do it anymore! :P