Andreas Kisser of Sepultura Instructional DVD in the Works at Rock House

Rock House Engineer Anthony Lawrence wowed the Rock House Message Boards with the announcement that Andreas Kisser of Sepultura is at The Rock House this week shooting a set of instructional videos.

A quote from Anthony about the program, "His programs are gonna be really bad ass! Right now we are creating the outline and we will be shooting his program this week!!"

In other news Anthony wrote:

"We recently had a visit from Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom. He came back to shoot brand new DVDs with us. This time around Alexi didn't get sick. He did an awesome job and his program is going to be really sweet! His video was shot on the scenes of a major motion picture movie that is being shot in Connecticut. It is definitely an exciting new program for Bodom fans and people who like to play guitar in general".

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