The Weekend Read for December 18th ; Guitar Lessons, Articles and More

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read is published every Friday or Saturday and is filled with links to the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, guitar bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.

Desafinados - Today we will work with an exercise in picking arpeggios...Exercise Picking on multiple strings (arpeggios)

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - What is the best overdrive pedal? Not an easy answer, since the number of good overdrive pedals available these days is mind boggling...Best Overdrive Pedals

Freekbass' Blog - The On The Verge - Freekbass article from Relix Magazine is now online at their new revamped website...On The Verge | Relix | Freekbass

Fretbase - Dubbed the ‘End Of Decade Clearout Sale’, Coldplay are going to clean out their closets and sell off gear on eBay...Coldplay to sell off equipment on eBay

Guitar Answers - OK...this is the wrap up lesson on the modes...Learning and PlayingThe Modes...Part 3

Guitar Noize - Here is my simple and very basic guide to recording with amp modelling software on your computer...How to record guitar using amp modelling software

Guitar Player Zen - Do you want to be able to express yourself more fully in your lead guitar solos? Are you struggling to apply all of the licks and techniques you’ve been learning? Most lead guitarists aren’t lacking for more information. They are lacking the knowledge...Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - 5 Steps To Better Phrasing And Cooler Guitar Solos

I Heart Guitar - The Cole Clark Guardian is something of an Aussie guitar classic. Obvious nods to 50-something years of guitar history notwithstanding, it’s the little details that have made this guitar stand out...REVIEW: Cole Clark Hollow Baby

Jemsite - And where funk and soul records are concerned, Larry truly knows his stuff.  We're not talking records as in songs, we're talking records as in RECORDS. Vinyl records...Soul Searching

John Horn - Guitarist - I love music, but I don’t know how long I can hold out, in a world in which escaping from music has become increasingly difficult...To Enjoy Music, We Need To Be Able To Escape Music

Share My Guitar - The Gibson Explorer was introduced in 1958 and continues to lend its unique tone to all guitarists alike. This legendary guitar was an aggressive style change...Guitar Review: Gibson Explorer 7-String

The Blues Historian - Mike Zito is an amazing guitar player who can not only sing, but has an amazing voice suited for blues and soul. Then add a very tight band, great songs, with good arraignments...Blues Historian Review: Mike Zito, Pearl River

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