The Weekend Read Decenber 5th - 12th ; Guitar Lessons, Articles and More

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read is published every Friday or Saturday and is filled with links to the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, guitar bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.

Desafinados - The golden rule of Sweep Picking that every guitarist must know, is that in this technique, just play a note you mute (mute), this avoids that by making sweeping arpeggios with, finished playing all the notes in unison...Tips and exercises to improve your technique Sweep Picking

Double Bass Blog - The following podcast is a recording of a panel discussion on the future of music from the 2009 International Society of Bassists Convention...CBC 146: Music in the Digital Age

Fretbase - What was once cool and then fell out of fashion, is now cool again (hipsters I’m looking at you)...The Keytar Is Making a Comback?

Guitar Noize - This lesson uses a riff from Chimaira’s “Frozen In Time” from the album “The Infection”, initially you may look at the tab below and think it looks pretty easy as it is all based on the low E string but you will see that the real lesson here is in the timing, the picking and the muting...Chimaira - Frozen In Time rhythm, picking and muting lesson

Guitar Player Daily - Jazz √Čtudes: Studies for the Beginning Improviser is an instructional book written by East Coast guitarist Joshua Breakstone. The book contains twelve single-line √©tudes, each of which is written over the chord changes to a tune from the standard jazz repertoire, and is accompanied by a CD featuring Breakstone in duet with himself playing each piece, as well as numerous shorter musical examples from the text...Jazz Etudes: Studies for the Beginning Improviser Review

Guitar Teacher - In 1983, Stevie Ray Vaughan's debut album "Texas Flood" reintroduced blues guitar back into popular consciousness. The title track is a slow blues in G, much like the jam track ...How to play Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Texas Flood” – Intro

Guitarz - A quite unusual guitar is this stereo acoustic guitar by Paul Kinny. Hard to tell just from looking at it, if this acoustic experimentation is serious or worth the work, but in my opinion it deserves a positive a priori. I like how innovation for electric guitars feedbacks into acoustic ones - and in general how new technologies provide new concepts relevant in any field.Paul Kinny's stereo acoustic guitar

Musical Musings - Here's a little slide guitar lick that comes from the Major Pentatonic scale. Most of this lick comes from what's called Position 2 of the Major Pentatonic. I've got my guitar in standard tuning for this one too. (Low to high EADGBE)...Major Pentatonic Slide Lick Standard Tuning

Not Playing Guitar - Do you always practice guitar in the same setting? A comfortable environment where you can leave out your guitar and practice materials is often convenient. It helps you start practice easily and quickly, and might encourage you to practice more often...Do You Need a New Guitar Practice Environment?

Share My Guitar - No matter how much raw talent or ability one innately possesses the one thing that always makes particular artists stand out is their individual technique.  So what does it take to really become a master of technique? Well it takes a keen attention to detail...Attention to Detail!

The Guitar Buzz - Recently, Guitar Center held their “King of the Blues” contest and posted several Pete Anderson Blues Backing Tracks on their web site that could be downloaded for free...Guitar Backing Tracks

The Soul of Rock and Roll - Has a new look and design, much easier to navigate.

Truth in Shreading - Fender guitar clinician and guitarist wunderkind visits The Music Zoo and talks with Tommy Colletti for some words,shred and laughs....Greg Koch: visits The Music Zoo

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